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Cars shakes over 100km/h


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Well I purchased a set of Michelin X-Ones, great rubber, I love em'.

I recently in the summer had them rotated, but it seems like after that when I get onto the highway the Cadillac shakes or shutters above 100km/h.

Maybe they didnt balance or align them correctly?

Also my mechanic noticed two of my motor mounts were damaged, could this also be the problem?

Any input would be appreciated.

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IMO, both. Before I bought my 2002 STS I test drove 4 cars three 2001s and the 2002 that I bought, all had the original Goodyear Tires. To be honest ALL of them had a vibration issue near (give or take 5 MPH) 70MPH. But the intensity seems to vary. One of the '01s shook so bad at 68MPH that I thought that the car was going to come apart... Coincidentally it had the lowest mileage of the four.

So I would say...

Little vibration... road force balance the tires...

Big vibration .... check the motor mounts.

I wish I could describe the difference, but when you drive a real thumper vs. a vibrator you know. The one thing that I wonder is if this is progressive. My '02 vibrates ever so slightly at 72MPH. Its orginal Goodyear ar almost shot and I'll be installing Michelin Pilots... I'm worried that this little vibration that I feel at highway speed might be damaging the power train elsewhere.... Or in other words could a little vibration result in the damaged control arms and motor mounts that every one ultimately replaces to resolve this issues.

One final note on the 2001 that tried to shake itself apart... It had been in a $9000 collision with a moose!


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Since you notice it after a rotation it has little if anything to do with mounts. They probably did not balance them during rotation. Have them balanced and you'll be fine. Address the mounts issue too, but first have them balanced.

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