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1987 Deville 4.1 to 4.9 Conversion

Ed Hall

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I have been looking for answers for weeks, I found them here. Thanks. I have a 4.9 PFI with TBI on the stock PFI intake. It's in an 85 Fiero. It is running VERY rich. I found that a few of the stock PFI injectors was leaking. Sucking air. I guess they left them in to fill the hole, but there was no fuel rail to hold them down. I wasn't sure what to do. I was going to put new O-rings on them and try that. Seem that is how they had been running it. But I didn't like the idea of nothing holding them down. Putting bolts in them just didn't cross my mind. I was over thinking it. It would be nice if I could do this without taking the intake off. Did you tap the hole or just put a bolt in with a snug fit and RTV?                        And I surely don't know for fact but from what I have researched, the 305 injectors are closer to the right size but it's up to the ecm to tell them how much to put in. The pulse with will be longer on a smaller injector (305) and shorter on a larger one (350) so either on it going to deliver the same amount of fuel because the ECU thinks it the correct air/fuel ratio. My head is spinning! Im begging for information because I really don't know.

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