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Trying to get some info before I swap fuel pump, would be very appreciative of any input or advise. Car has 180k on it very well maintained. Was washing car and sprayed down motor with pressure washer. I am a detailer by trade and have washed engines this way a million times. The car started fine after and drove to other side of lot to dry it off, but after i finished drying it off. When I turned ignition on display read service fuel system and would turn over like it was outta gas. I thought it might be fuel pump, since i couldn't hear it priming. I grabbed a rubber mallet to smack the take to see if I could get it to work just to get it home, but as I had the ignition on the display started to say low a/c refrigerant. Since those 2 relays are next to each other made me start to doubt if it was fuel pump and since smacking the tank didn't do frig all. Does anyone think that water could have effected something?

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Drop one of the fuel ines off of the fuel filter to check for fuel flow if you do not have a pressure gauge handy. Also you can bypass the relay with a jumper (not reccommended for a novice mech) also ck for power at relay site with a test light or multimeter an trace back to 20 amp fuse on wheel well.

Good Luck, Be Safe

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Fuse relay department was dry. I felt the relay kick on when I got my buddy to turn ignition on. Code reader said no trouble codes, but battery died so I grabbed jump back and boosted it and car fired right up. So thinking that because of dead battery computer reset itself. So I drove for little bit then car died suddenly and said service fuel system again. I left over night came back after work next and tried ignition had a little bit of life not like before when it would just turn and turn with nothing. So I hooked up code reader and again it said no trouble codes but I went a cleared them anyway and it fired up again and I drove home now its just sitting in drive way.

My question is does computer have a safety measure if pressure is to low? Like if my fuel filter is clogged and not getting enough pressure would computer shut down motor?

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