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Hey all, hope all is well. My 2002 sls has 145k miles on it and I'm having a a/c issue. When I first start the car and turn the AC on it blows freezing cold. But when the car has been running for a while and I turn the AC off and go to turn it back on, nothing happens. Does not matter if I put the temp on hot or cold. Nothing blows out at all. It only does it sometimes, usually when the car has been running for an extended period of time. Any ideas?

Side note I just put a deposit on a 2005 DTS, beautiful car I'm so excited to pick it up on thurs. but I want to see what the issue is with my sls as I do not want to sell it if it has any issues. As always I appreciate your help and advice. You guys are awesome.

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Any DTC codes to go with the A/C issue?

Grats on the 05 DTS; looking forward to hearing more about it once you get it home, pics, etc.


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