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4T80-E Trans Maintenance...bottom vs side


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Just drained my trans and did the bottom pan and thought I had it licked but I just learned that the 4T80E has a side filter and cover.....are these accessible with the trans in the car?.....Please let me know if it is worth the time to do the side one?..The bottom was very clean....only got about 10 quarts to drain and capacity says it holds 15.....is the side where my other five quarts are hiding?

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When you have the pan off, there is a drain plug that drains the side cover. That's all you need to do as replacing the filter in the side cover would be a huge job. See the FAQ section of this webside - look under code PC0717. A member replaced the input speed sensor, which is beneath the side cover, without removing the trans from thr car.

I wouldn't go through all of that work just to change the filter in the side cover as it is sized accordingly to be a lifetime filter. If I were replacing the input speed sensor and had the side cover off, I would replace the filter. For just a fluid change, a drain and refill is all that is necessary.

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Thanks for the quick answer Kevin.....I already buttoned back up so I am not sure I will pop it off just to get to the other 5 quarts.....she was really clean for 130k with minimal "frost on the magnet".

I added 10 new so I now have 10 new and five old!

thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving!


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