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Im the guy who purchase a beautiful 99 black STS in Denver that had a horrible knock due to the previous owner not caring the car. Well, get this. I found a beautiful actually brand new (2,100) miles on a "9" Northstar. Bought the beauty from a the service guy at Don Massey Cadillac, got it for only 1,100.00. It was still in the crate. Had it hauled down to my mechanic a GM mechanic for installation. The engine is a 2001 and asked my friend and service manager at Rickenbaugh Cadillac if 2001 "9" would fit in a 99. He called me back and said it would. Great. I get a call from my mechanic and he informs me that the engine is good and all, but its for a 2001 DTS and he cannot put it in. He said it matches exactly except an area behind the oil pan. The old engine is out, the new isnt installed and I suppose I'll have to sell the 2,100 mile engine and TRY and find a northstar that will fit. ARGH! Does anyone have an idea that would help me with my problem?? Signed, Yikes.

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Does anyone know if the 1999 oil pan will go on a 2002 Northstar?

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The mechanical fit it the least of your problems.

Due to the extensive engine redesign for 2000+ models, your chassis wiring harness is not designed to match the wiring needs of a 2000+ engine.

The short list includes:

Totally different ignition coil location, type, and connector configuration.

Because the 2000+ engine includes a redesigned crankshaft reluctor wheel, there are redesigned crankshaft position sensors with different connector configuration.

And the killer is - 2000+ engines used different PCM parameters AND different connectors.


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Yes, bummer, Jim D is 100% correct, a 2000+ engine will not work in a 99 Caddy. You will need to find a 96-99 engine or have yours rebuilt.

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