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I have a 93 Northstar STS - w/60,000 miles When the weather starts to get cooler, around 50 - 60 degrees, I will get a message that the Refig is Low and Service AC Soon - I have had it checked and every thing is normal - It does not do this in the 100 degree summer weather we have. Is this normal or what is going on?

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It has done it for several years, and only in the winter. We have had it checked, both during the summer and winter, had the refig checked serveral times and it shows that it is full. It will do this from Nov to March- but once you start running the AC again it goes off.

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How was the refrigerant level checked? The only positive way to determine the charge is to recover the refrigerant and weigh the amount recovered and compare that value to the specification on the accumulator.

Is the car still using R-12 or has it been converted to R-134a at some point? Many shops will convert a car to R-134a and then use a lesser amount of R-134a that what is specified for R-12 and it causes the low refrigerant message.

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