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Sylvania SilverStar bulbs


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For anyone thinking of getting these......

Go with the SilverStars !!!!!!!

High AND low beams (or you have white lows and yellow highs)

The best thing about them is they WILL NOT MELT your light harness !

$80 for headlights may seem like much until you realize how much better you can see with them, don't fall for the Xenon 80-100watt bulbs, they are blue and you can;t see crap.

Did I already say "Go with the SilverStars"

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Silverstars are good i have both low and hight beams in my 2002 Aurora and they look very good but they burn out quickly i change one about every 3-4 months but they are worth and improve visibility at night and just look better Coolblue dont bother with them they are garbage no difference between them and regular ones.

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And for those of you who want the brightest lights possible, you can modify you stock lights.

You can install 65w and "uncapped" 9005's in place of 55w "capped" 9006's by clipping the offset plastic tab on the bulb with a pair of snips, and adding the o-rings from the 9006's on top of the original 9005 o-rings. They are brighter and clearer, but not harmful to other drivers.

You can install high wattage 9007's in place of 9004's by following the instructions below:


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Silverstars are a little "whiter" than the much cheaper Xtravision, but about the same lumen brightness. Our brain perceives whiter light to be brighter, but, visibility is NOT improved and the lumens are what is important. The Silverstar filaments are overworked a little to overcome the coating on the bulb, resulting in the poor durability that Silverstars are known for.

If you can spend a bit more, these are the way to go:

HIR bulbs

These HIR are genuinely a lot brighter than regular halogens at the same wattage, without the reduced life of overdriven halogens. HIR bulbs don't have the ricer "whiter" look, they will only give you a better view at night.

As someone else already mentioned, if your 9006 dipped beam has a very well defined beam pattern then modify a 9005 and install it in the dipped beam socket. My '99 STS has a well defined low beam pattern :) Low beam performance improves by a huge amount, but the tradeoff is the lower life of the 9005 versus the 9006.

Finally, add some relays+wiring and have both the dipped and main beams on when main beam is selected.

These mods will upgrade your lighting way beyond stock and quite close to HID levels, without the cost of a real HID replacement. Silverstars are okay, just know that they are more show than go and have shorter life than regular halogens.

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Can most Caddies (specifically a '97 ETC) handle these alright? No electronics issues?

There is no problem with the Cadillac "handling" the 9005/9006 bulb conversion. I've done mine for over a year without problems.

Because of bulb life issues with the Silverstar, I instead converted the Philips Bluevision bulbs (their version of CoolBlue).

The added brightness (lumens goes to 1700 vs 1000), and whiter looking lights made such a dramatic difference that I don't long for the Silverstars (with it's reduced bulb life).

Try it. A very inexpensive and very effective upgrade. Just be sure to check the headlight aim afterwards.

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