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I've been working quite a bit lately.(overtime Walmart job) Had some problems with the 360 Durango(dramatic oil useage) and had the intake manifold gasket replaced. (Dodge mechanic, off duty, !/3 cost) Decided to put the Eldo under wraps, (maybe for the winter) and check the Durango out.(oil problem solved)

Missing the Eldo's milage ,ride and ...everything! Well, I know how to solve that , but the car is so nice and the underbody is just like it rolled off the line.

The reason that I am writing is that although I have been working alot I always try to log on as often as possible. It seems to me that the site was changing direction, (or maybe function) but after seeing kger2 and bbobynski back to back on a thread, I feel better.

High Life


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