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As mentioned I had Fasterproms tune my STS-V and I could notice an immediate SOTP performance gain; actually it was more impressive then I expected. Considering that I still actively campaign a drag car I think I am a fair judge of improvements and not 'hoped for' improvements.

Not ever having taken a trip in the car prior to Easter weekend I was curious as to mileage/power etc. The mileage was not the greatest but I have no base to use as comparison. I averaged either 20.6 or 20.7mpg at pretty much a steady 80mph just keeping up with traffic and we had about a dozen forays into the triple digit zone too. Considering the fact that the car has the aerodynamics of a barn and it weighs a bunch I thought it was decent. However it certainly isn't stellar but it's not a Focus is it? Then again, who wants to go 80 or more on the interstate ins a Focus for over 1300 miles?

I did learn that the car does like to stretch it's legs and we did so too, I admit surprise at the performance from 268" - it is a fine road car for sure.

As to the tune, one can never replace an individual tune where the tuner not only optimizes the tune for your needs and the CAR'S needs too. Seems that you can do three identical cars and all will want something a little different for truly dialed in performance. Makes sense to me.

Without being able to comment on pre tune mileage I can tell you that there is no question that the tune really wakes up the car. I highly recommend doing it as it will make you smile and that alone is a good change.


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Old Dog...

I have to agree with you 100% about the tune.

That will also be one of the first things i do to my next car... after putting 3M film on it... :)

Obviously mine is no where close to your "V" in performance, but the tune I had done to it, made it so much more responsive and so much more "FUN" to drive.

Mine was an "INDIVIDUAL" tune where the tuner hooked his laptop up to the OBD ll port and made changes to stuff as I drove the car around.

Even though the tuner had tuned 100's of GM vehicles, he had never tuned a Cadillac NorthStar...:D

I love it... and as you said... it "DOES" like to stretch it's legs, and me, being the nice person that I am, I let it do it. :) :)

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