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96 STS Rear Rotor


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I just did my rear rotors a few months ago. Once you remove the caliper bracket - there is nothing else holding them on as I recall. If yours wont budge then you need a bigger hammer. The rotor is most likely rusted to the hub.

Good luck! ;)

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Have you tried a penetrant?

You most likely have rust around the hub.

Better to chemically lossen it up than beat the Heck out of it..No?

I f all else fails I would warm it up good with an acelelyne torch.

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I hesitated to even mention this super simple thing, but; did you remove the 'assembly line' push-on retainers from the wheel studs ???

Unlikely that you forgot them since you got as far as you did but you never know....


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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