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i got in, turned the key, started it and the temp and vent control window went blank, the lights all went off and i could smell burning, like electronic burning, as well the gear indicator light in the middle of the speedo and tac all came on and the lights were going on and off.

i checked the codes after and these all came on and the "stability reduced" message apeared. last week i got my car out of the body shop for the driver side door that got smashed the took the back seat appart and did not do a good job on anything could they have messed something up with the mass of wires behing the back seat? anything would help thanks

pcm p0146



ipc b1552








pzm u1128

irc b1740


rfab2560 all said history

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Haven't experienced it myself; but, from what I've read on this board, poor connections are what causes these weird happenings. Check ALL grounds, not just the one behind the seat, and check both ends of the battery cable.

The "burning smell" is a matter of concern as it could mean that some wire to something burned out which will surely cause some kind of trouble.

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