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radiator replacement

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Hi all. I replaced my radiator on my Seville today and it went well.

Sure enough the tank on the passenger side was swelled and cracked toward the top and the bottom. Looks to have been cracked for awhile.

the overall job went great except one screw which still has me mad. It is on the driver side about halfway down the side tank of the radiator, it holds the p-clamp that retains the AC line to the radiator. It was a nightmare to get out and I couldnt get it in with the new radiator.

It looks like if the ecm is pulled you can easily access the screw. But I do not know how to remove the ecm to access it. Anyone have any ideas?

Everything else went smooth. I replaced the lower transmission cooler line due to slight rust at the lower fitting on the radiator. I decided to go with an oem replacement AC-Delco. about 298.00 (seems expensive but cheaper than going to the dealer).

Overall I am satisfied with the radiator, I drove it and nothing leaks now. But the screw is still bothering me.

For anyone else that will be replacing a radiator soon. The radiator that is offered fits the touring model as well as the lower models. The replacement radiator has oil cooler on the passenger side but is not used. Basically they did away with thhe SLS radiator and use the STS radiator instead.

if anyone has any ideas on the screw I would highly appreciate the help. If the job is not done perfect it will drive me nuts. but I just couldnt get the clearance to get the screw started.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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