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Need hood, etc for a 1995 Eldorado

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Does anyone have a hood or Pass rocker molding for a 95 El Dorado? I believe 92 to 02 will fit on the hood (prefereably black)- not sure of the rocker molding (must be black). A grille and the molding around the grille (gille must be silver/ chrome). 95- 02 should work for the grille. Also could use a pass side headlight bracket, both tailights and the reveal molding for the windshield and rear windshield. As far as the reveal molding it looks like it can be peeled off the edge of the windshield and has 2 tabs which are glued in. If you cut the tabs so long as the rest is fine I can use it. Unfortunately mine is peeling up very badly. Might be interested in a parts car if it has the parts I need. My zip is 12865- just Pm me if you have anything or know of someone. Thanks I really appreciate it.

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