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New Suspension system for 1/4 the cost?


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There is nothing like the OEM struts I think, thats why they cost so much.

Some people who used this type of product were not happy with the results.

You can get OEM ones at a Delco parts house for half off the dealer price.

Just remember, you get what you pay for.

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I never understood why the OEMs were so spendy. I've seen custom built units that didn't cost as much in some cases. I certainly understand the "you get what you pay for" as I've bought cheap and regretted it at times. Other times I've found some real deals.

That's why I posted it - just to see if anyone here had any experience with them.



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See this link, this individual used the Boston Suspension and was happy.


Do a search under Boston Suspension, and see CanadianCaddy's discussion about the product

I can only imagine that the reason the OEM parts are so expensive is due to their specific application use, meaning that they are not utilized across the entire GM line only specific models and specific years, therefore expensive to make. Thats just a guess. Good Luck

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