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front tires start shakin bad

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Another problem posted as a comment on the blog:

I hope someone can help I found a 94 sts some old lady bought new with 45 000 original miles and every service record and car.fax so the car.starts but as u start to drive the front tires start shakin bad until car dies it starts right up again but repeats the problem . A major dealership told her it was the ecm that controls front sway bar for tires can someone shed some light on this thank u email me at parkerdub13@gmail.com


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ECM that controls the front sway bar????


The lady need to forget whoever told her that and go to the nearest tire shop. It's hard to tell from here but the main cause may be blisters on the tires.

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I wonder if we could start a post for ridiculous stories that a non mechanic type person would not know better than to believe. My mother bought a taurus from a nearby ford dealer who told her the anti-lock brakes were the cause of here steering wheel chatter/shake. I drove her from Kansas to Atlanta and could stand it no longer. I took the rotors off in my sisters driveway and had them turned, then put them back on. Smooth stops followed. My mother couldn't believe her buddy at the dealer would treat her wrong. They sure weren't fixing it, just sent her on her way, with new knowledge of how modern abs worked!!!!

The new post might be able to help educate the few people out there with less knowledge than me.

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