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Hidden fuse block location


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B) I was told by the local cadillac dealer that there is a second fuse block on my 98 deville, other than the under hood location there is another inside he could or did not tell me where. help. radiowill not turn on. the clock works the antenna goes up no sound no station indicators i think it is a fuse if i can find it
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Try this....pull out the maxi-fuse for the Bose (with the key off

of course...) That is the maxi located in the fuse block under

the rear seat on the lft side. Leave the fuse out for about 30

seconds and then reinstall. The controller for the Bose system

may need to be "re-booted..."

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TRENT......My 96 had a hidden fuse block in the trunk.

I was located under the back window between the speakers

under a panel . I just pulled down and there it was !

I can assume the 96 Deville is the same as 98.....geo

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Thanks to every one who replied, I am at work right now and plan on taking a long lunch to check out every suggestion. i will let you know what happens. i have a trip to take tomorrow and i need a source of music my wife and daughter are not singers! :D

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The '98 Deville should be the same as the Seville which had a fuse panel that is mounted directly behind the left, rear seatback and is accessable via the trunk compartment.

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KHE is correct. The 98 Deville has 3 Fuse/Relay centers.

1. MaxiFuse/Relay Center...located next to the engine compartment fuse block on the drivers side of the engine. To access the compartment fuse block, remove the shroud cover.

2. Engine compartment fuse block....Located next to the air cleaner on the drivers side of the engine. Lift the cover to gain access.

3.Rear Compartment Fuse Block...The fuse block is located on the front wall of the trunk (behind the rear seat) on the drivers side. Loosen the four trunk trim fasteners and pull the trim away from the fuse block to gain access.

Good luck,


ps, the rear compartment fuse block has a RADIO/PHONE fuse that runs the radio receiver, radio interface module, phone, dab relay, trunk release relay, fuel door release relay, high/low beam relay


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:lol: thanks to all who helped me with my problem, the solution to this issuse was not a fuse but the cd player. it seems that the delco cd player needed to be disconnected then have the shorting inserted back into the connector in the trunk. after reconnecting the cd player the radio worked fine. thanks again. at least i know where the fuses in my deville are located! :rolleyes:
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