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2001 Cadillac Deville electrical


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Hi all I am working on a 01 Deville DHS and it is having some electrical issues. bad

Last week she told me she woke up and the alarm was going off for no reason. Then the battery went dead. replaced the battery and now all sorts of problems are occuring.

The doors randomly lock, unlock, the alarm goes off but the trunk button on the RKe shuts it off. The trunk and fuel door open sometimes, even when driving it acts up.

all domelamps are going crazy no matter what you do. whether driving down the road or sitting in the driveway.

The outside temp readout shows 107*f which is far off considering it is about 30.

pulled codes first

•DTC U1064 Loss of Communications with DIM

•DTC U1065 Loss of Communications with IPM

•DTC U1160 Loss of Communications with DDM

•DTC U1161 Loss of PASS Door Module SBI

•DTC U1162 Loss of Rear Driver Door Module SBI

•DTC U1163 Loss of Rear PASS Door Module SBI

•DTC U1016 Loss of Communications with PCM .

noted TSB for RIM module. Disconnected and reset battery, unplugged RIM module, I disconnected the 2 switches in the trunk lid for the latch and tamper switch, nothing helped. All codes I pulled were under the RIM computer.

Then I opened the hood and found something That worries me, a small amount of mouse dropping and nest on top of the engine. Not good. I am stumped on this one and I told her I do not recommend her driving the vehicle as it is.

Any ideas on this. Hope I provided enough info


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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