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I just bought this Cadi 1993 StS and man does it send some major codes. I have been playing with them for the last 2 days. two other codes have to do with the suspension one saying exhaust valve not opening and one wheel sensor not working something like that. The main one that is hurting my car right now is the PO23 Code. This one cause my car to stumble on acceleration and even backfire once in awhile. This message states that something is wrong with the electronic spark to the EGR. So with that and other info from here I took the EGR valve off today and was amazed to see that there are no vacume lines going to it. I did however find a vacume leak. There is a solinoid right above the EGR valve and it sits on the valve cover right by the PCV valve. There are two vacum lines that go into this solinoid and they were not connected at all so cleaned the area up and reconnected them. Problem is that while doing this the fitting that the two lines go into which are located on the throttle body broke off. There is this 3 prong rubber thing that alows those vacum lines to plug into it.

My point is that even though I fixed the one side the other side I had to leave one of the vacum lines off cause it would fit in there anymore. So I take it for a drive and get the same symptoms only it seems just a tad better but not much. My question is that solinoid used to control the EGR valve and could this be the reason that I am getting the code PO23 and stumbling or does this code po23 have to do with something else. I really like the car and do have a few bugs to work out. One other thing, these symtoms occur only when the car gets hot. until then everythinng is ok. the pintle on the egr valve looked to me like it works well after I cleaned it so i dont think I have a problem there. mybe I need a new electronic spark modual or something. I am at a loss right now. Tommrorow I will go down and get the rubber elbow that fits into the throttle body so that I can reattach everything again.......Any help will be greatly appreciated and if you dont mind one mor question about my struts and front suspension

I have this clunkiness when I go over bumps. I have shaked the car up and down with my hands and cant duplicate the cluniness but when I am driving it sounds so much like loss ball joints or something. I was under the car the other day and i tried looking for loss ball joints bushings etc. i guess its hard to do that when the car is still dead weuight maybe I need to lift the wheels off the ground and then check. Im thinking could this clunkiness be from the strut innards themselves. When I push the car up and down it comes to a rest pretty fast so it seems liek the struts are ok. the ride seems good to except for that clunkiness . Just wondering what others experience has been in this respect. Ok enough questions for one night. I realize that im asking a lot but I just got the car and I realize these things can be what appears to be a nightmare if you dont get ued to learning about them and fixing them yourself..Thank God for this forum or I would be lost for sure. In closing thanks for any help that anyone can give me


Mike N

long island

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