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Electronic door locks


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I still need help! I tried reprogramming my remote locks and it didn't cycle like it was supposed to. Also I found out my alarm does not work. I hate to leave my Baby anywhere (1996 Fleetwood Brougham w/13 inch Daytons) any help is appreciated..........................

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Are you sure you got a good connection when you grounded the programming wire in the trunk?

As for the alarm, when you open any door, the amber SECURITY SYSTEM light on the left side of the speedometer should flash. When the doors are locked, the SECURITY SYSTEM light should be illuminated and then go out once all the doors are closed.

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I'd make sure the batteries in the fob were good. Next thing would be to check the fuse for your door locks. I don't know which one it is but you have two sets of fuses to search for it - one under the hood and one in the trunk.

If that doesn't do it pull up your codes and see if there is anything there.

If not - then the expensive part of a caddy comes in - hiring someone to figure it out for you.


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