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We recently purchased a 96 Deville for the staggering sum of $1k. Good tire,new brakes,excellent interior. Needless to say that for $1k it needed a few things. One eye sore was all the clear coat flaking off of the hood. To poor to have it painted I sought other means of making it look better. I discovered an air hose does well at removing a lot of the clear from the hood. I flat razor got off what the air didn't. I then used my random orbital buffer with some liquid rubbing compound and buffed the oxidized looking paint. Then I went over it a couple of times with Nu-finish.This made it all one even color so I then used Duplicolor automotive clear coat in a can and sprayed the whole thing several times. To walk by the car you would never know anything was done and the color matches the rest after the clear was applied. Total cost was about $7 since I already had most of the stuff. This is the red/maroon color. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is financially challenged like me but wants to fix a flaky car cheap.

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Thanks for posting sounds like a successful fix.

Must not be original paint & clearcoat. I have yet to see paint peeling on any '90's era caddy. - less a '96

even banged up, they always still have the showroom finish!! - hopefully that hood panel was the only re-paint you have. Good luck with your new wheels.

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TylerP good anecdote but I'm surprised you were able to clear coat over the NuFinish.

I use NuFinish also with the 3 step detail and orbital ,but would assume that it is a sealer only and for spray painting clear coat you'd need to strip the surface of all surface clinging chemicals???

Did you wash it all off before spraying?

Nufinish claims you should re-seal after 30 days because the first coat might lift up oxidized paint. Hope no unsettling happens under the clear coat..

Anyway, if it works over the long run, chime in again !

Cool !

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The "oxidized paint" was most likely not oxidized. Two part urethane paint has a basecoat and a clearcoat. The basecoat is rather flat and dull in appearance. The gloss comes from the clearcoat.

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It's still looking okay. Keep in mind this is not an pristine car so I was not going for perfection. I just did not like seeing all the clear coat flakes.

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