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Unless you have a leak, you don't need to check your transmission level, in regards to topping it off. In order to check the level, the vehicle would need to be on a lift (or at least on jack stands), running, and then the inspection port (plug) will need to be removed. While certainly not impossible (for the shade-tree mechanic) it is potentially dangerous. Unfortunately Cadillac has gone the way of some of the other vehicle manufacturers and has removed the dipstick.


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Even I is clueless about the Cadillac transmission.By the way guys,Some photos were recently leaked of the Cadillac XTS sedan, which will debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. The car will be updating the STS and DTS sedans as the new full-size luxury vehicle in the Cadillac lineup.

I found this here guys:Cadillac XTS to debut at Los Angeles Auto Show.

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Is it possible for me to check and top off my transmission rather than take it to the dealer? I've always serviced my vechicles and this is the first auto transmission I have no clue where to start.

The refile plug that needs to be removed is on the driver's side above the pan. The exhaust pipe is in the way, so it's not possible to get at it unless you have a special tool or the pipe is moved out of the way. I drained the trans and then refilled it through the drain plug because it's the only way to get it done without a tool or moving the exhaust pipe. I measured the amount of trans fluid that drained.

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