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Reviewing my 1997 Seville


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Hi all. Enjoy. I review my vehicles at least once a year and this is the first for my Seville so I will share my adventure in ownership.

To start, 2 years ago I drove by my 97 Seville on the road for my job. I couldnt stop at the time so I decided to return the next day to find out information on it. The owner stated it was not for sale but asked why I stopped and what I would figure to be reasonable if they had considered to sell it. So I left my number and 2 weeks later they called stating they may sell it and wanted me to look at it. I looked the car over and noted only minor flaws and all was good until I checked the oil. Thats when things went bad. I then found out that the owner was the wifes father and that before passing away he had had the car in the dealer over and over, they changed waterpump, thermostats, (yes I said thermostats) heatercore pipes, several hoses, etc... and the car was still overheating so they gave up and parked the car in the garage. The wife had sentimental value and that is why she was not wanting to part with the car. They offered to part for 2500. But being the car hadnt been driven in awhile and the oil was very overful and looked like chocolate milk I was not comfortable with running the car or test driving it. So I passed on it. There was only one problem, I couldnt get it off my mind for a whole year(I must be crazy) So last october I decided to see if the car was still in the garage. It was so I left my number again. The wife called me nearly i tears and said she couldnt believe I came back andd that it must have been a sign from her father. she said people wanted to buy it for pennies and for junk or to pass a profit, So she told me to make an offer that I felt was reasonable. I offered $1500 and she gladly accepted. I picked up a trailer because I am not comfortable with towing, changed the oil to drive the car onto the trailer and trailered it home. I was excited. I decided to park the car for the winter and deal with things in the spring.

I wound up calling my local GM dealer that deals alot in Cadillacs and towed the car in in February to have the engine pulled, resealed, timeserted, and inspected. It cost me $3750 for the job including spark plugs.

Spoke to the Technician that stated 4 headbolts pulled causing failure in the #1 and #4 cylinder. I stressed on the making sure to timesert all 20 holes. I was a little worried because They werent very honest with me and I also stressed on the courtesy inspection due to the car not being driven in at least 2 years and being bought without being test driven. Needless to say they apparently did not look things over and just filled the checklist with checks. Which considering how much money I invested for them to do the work I was not happy. I found out as I drove off the lot that I had a howling hub assembly, 2 nearly flat tires, A service engine light, and a high pitched intake whistle. Not very convincing to me. The dealer swore that they did the check and did nothing for me.

I got the car home and checked things over, found I had to change 3 o2 sensors, intake, and a hub assembly. The dealer also never even noted thaat there was no inspection sticker on the window aand that I wanted that done so I had to get the light off to pass NYSI.

I ran into an issue with the rear upstream o2 sensor and decided to return to the dealer to have it changed, that did not go well either, The new sensor was faulty, when they dropped the cradle the front RSS arms were not disconnected and both came apart, and on top of that the exhaust sounded different, So that night I put the car up in the air and found the arms hanging and the downpipe split. Again the dealer did nothing. So I welded the exhaust pipe, repaired the RSS links, and replaced the sensor again myself. None of the problems returned. I have learned my lesson and people wonder why I dont trust people with my vehicles.

Once all of the bugs were worked out I could finally start driving the car more often and enjoy the power. Well not as much as I thought, So I replaced the intake, plug wires, TB gaskets, etc... Cleaned the EGR valve and pipe which were both clogged pretty bad. What a miracle that did. The engine runs beautiful now.

The only thing I am bummed about but not surprised is that the TCC shudders sometimes and there is a bearing noise in the transmission. I can deal with that for now but am considering rebuilding it myself in the next year or so. My main thing is that it hasnt thrown the check engine and service transmission message yet.

I now feel I can drive the car daily but dont due to my attachment to my Deville. This car is going to be a seasonal being the body is perfect and is still niice and tight. Also the interior is like new and also tight.

People say I was crazy to invest into my Seville but I cmpletely disagree because all that counts is that I am satisfied. I take the upmost pride in my vehicles whether I pay 2 cents or 2000.

One thing I have to say that I dont like on the Seville and Eldorados is the door panel quality. Never had any issues with the Deville but note cracking in the panel below the handle and clips broken from the bottom of the panel. Just my honest opinion.

Overall I am satisfied with my Seville, I cant stress enough about driving your cadillac hard and not letting it sit. I drive both of my cadillacs hard and neither burn much of any oil at all and run flawless. I have about $6000 into my Seville with repairs and purchase, and intend to do any further work on it myself.

Hope you enjoyed. Enjoy the pics and leave lots of compliments.









Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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thanks. I am always very specific with my articles. As long as one doesnt mind reading lol.

I didn't mine reading it at all...

I thought it was very good. :) :)

I was just thinking... since the lady was so attached to the car.. it being her fathers car and all...

Since you now have it all fixed up, really, really nice...

I have a feeling she would love to see it again and knowing that it really did go to a good home would make her feel better..

I'm probably being much too sentimental... but if I had an attachment to a car... like she did to that one... I would dearly love to see it again.

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that was one thing I promised her, because I think her husband didnt think I was serious. I promised that once the car was rnning good I would stop up and show it to her. She was much more acceptable knowing it was in good hands


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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very nice pics,,, WOW !!! the gear shifter looks new, mine is the same color except it looks 50 years old and worn,,, did you replace it or have it re-done ????

great tip. use googone and a soft cloth. Mine looked terrible and I thought it would never clean up so I removed it and voila it cleaned right up. They get very nasty. thanks


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I just read the whole post and wow .. What an interesting story! These old cars are fantastic with it's exotic-like engines and fancy styling (by Larry Erickson and Dick Ruzzin). Modern classics. But I can recognize myself in much what you're writing. Even though I had my car for 10 years, it can get trickey to maintain. Are you dealing with maintenance work by yourself?

Best regards.


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A nice review. Sometime if you are in the Philly area we can exchange horror stories. Some of them are really hilarious, now that they are well in the past. I have some really good ones about private mechanics, like the time I asked for stabilizer links to be replaced, paid for parts and labor, but re-did the job a few months later and, viola, the stabilizer links were still the factory originals. One of them was worn so badly you could pull the ball out of the socket with your hand.

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