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My father has a 1969 sedan deville with about 70k miles on it. 502 CI motor. Great motor for a hot rod rebuild. Car has not run in about 2-3years. My grandfather in california left it to my father in his will - so my father had it transported to new york in 1978. It was minted out. It was not driven very much and has now deteriorated to the point of looking rusty. Great car for parts. Bumpers, grill, tail lights, head lights, rear wheel well flaps all intact. Car has never been in a crash but it does have a small parking lot scrape on one door and a small ding on one bumper. We live on long Island, in New York and you must take the complete car. I will not part it out. You can call me at (516)987-7610 or post a reply ....thanks, CHRIS

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