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I have just found this site while trying to get an answer to my question. I have just registered and have learned quite a bit already from the posts. Thanks for the chance to ask my question. I have a 2009 CTS DI RWD with stock 17" tires and rims. My question is how easy is it to go from 17" to 18" custom rims and tires on the CTS. ...thanks Johnny

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If you stay with a +1 combo, so that you get the same overall outer diameter of the wheel/tire combo then you just mount the new tires/wheels and drive.

If you put on a different outer diameter then you will need to use one of the tuning programs to adjust for the difference.

You want to keep up with the wheel size, and the hub bolt pattern (5-120) and offset.

At your favorite wheel/tire website they generally have calculators to help you find the right wheel/tire; I prefer the layout for the 1010tires one.

Tirerack or 1010tires.com


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Thank you Bruce....So the best thing is to go with the basic put them on and drive. I don't exactly know what +1 combo means but I guess it is keeping the same setup as the stock wheel lug placement? I will mention this when I order. Thanks for the reply.....

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