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1935 cadillac with 1941flathead engine


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I am looking for some advice on a cooling system on a 1935 cad. / with a 1941 flathead v8 . It through out fluid each time it is driven , when it is shut off ? The rad. has been boiled out , and a closed light presser system put in place , and still loses fluid . does any one know what to do?

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The first thing that I would do would be to check to see if the thermostat is installed correctly. If it is, you should take it and test it in a pan of water on you stove. Use a good candy thermometer and slowly increase the heat to see if it opens and at what temperature that it opens at. The temperature rating should be stamped on the thermostat. If it dosen't open before 200 degrees, then you most likely have found your problem.

HOWEVER, if there is another problem and the thermostat is subjected to steam, it can fail almost immediately. Most thermostats contain a wax pellet that works just fine if submerged in water or antifreeze, but will melt if subjected to steam from an overheated engine.

One other thing on the subject of thermostats, It is necessecary to have a good one installed in the cooling system. The cooling system uses the restriction to allow the coolant to remain in contact with the block and heads long enough to absorb the heat there and conversly, stay in the radiator long enough to allow the heat to be dissapated. I found out first hand that running a 327 Chevrolet engine without a thermostat will cause exactly what is happening to your Cadillac.

The next item to check would be the water pump impeller. I have seen cases where the waterpump shaft was turning just fine and not leaking. But the engine kept overheating. After all kinds of trouble shooting, it was found that the water pump impeller had corroded to the point to where it didn't pump enough to keep the engine cool.

The next thing would be blockage in one of the radiator hoses, or in the block itself. Possibly a mouse or squirrel made a storehouse in the waterjacket at some point in time.

In addition to all of the above, there are a couple of other things that can cause this. A blown head gasket. or that the 1935 radiator is not large enough to cool the 1941 V-8.

Let us know what you find

Good Luck with your Classic Cadillac!


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