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Anyone know if the new SRX wheels will fit on a 1997 STS? They are really nice and classy looking... the problem would be finding them at a decent price! Not too many people upgrading their SRX's I'd bet! I think I'll check on Thetirerack.com to see what they say too.

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I just checked the GM online service parts catalog, studying the wheels for the SRX. There are two wheel sizes available (17" x 7.5" and 18" x 8"), but both SRX wheels use a six-lug bolt pattern.

Obviously, a six-lug wheel will be useless on your '97 STS, which uses a five-lug design. <_<

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SRX = 6-lug

Definitely will not fit.

The SRX wheel design is very close to these which WILL fit your car:

Painted finish 2005 STS Rims


Polished finish 2005 STS Rims


happy trails,


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Yeah, it's hard to tell the lug nut count when they have center caps on them! I didn't figure someone I didn't know would appreciate me taking off the center caps in the Home Depot parking lot to check them out either! I am "watching" the E-bay auction for the wheels... thanks for the tip!

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