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Security problem??

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This is part of the theft prevention system. The contacts in your key are not making a good connection to the contacts inside the lock in the steering column. Often you can just get a new key made. You can get one atAce Hardware or other car-key duplicator that will match the pellet in your key, or any GM dealer. If that doesn't do it you may need to replace the contacts in the steering column.

There are those that measure the resistor in their key, buy one to match it at Radio Shack, and modify the wiring in the steering column to "see" that resistor all the time. This, of course, disables that part of the theft prevention system.

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I have a 95 Deville that sometimes doesn't start. The digital dash reads start car in 3 minutes. After waiting the 3 minutes it will start.Any suggestions???

Your ignition key has a resistor which works with security system. Either key does not make good contact with ignition lock. or tiny wires inside the ignition lock are about to fail permanently.

My advice would be measuring the resistance of the key resistor, buying 0.25 W resistor from RadioShak which would be close to the nominal and integrate it in security system to cheat it. You will lose a security feature but will never get stranded. This s a cheap and effective solution.

EDIT: Jim posted while I was replying. My money is on failing wires, bypass the system with a resistor and forget it.

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