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project_miata_2-0_A-300x201.jpgYup you read that right. After a 2 month investigation the insurance company finally cut us a check for Project Miata. The very next day we spotted this beauty of a 1990 Lipstick Red Miata complete with Hard Top, which we scored for the low low price $2,000. Project Miata 2.0 has a bit of superficial hail damage, ah who are we kidding the damned thing looks like it has bad case of cellulite, not to mention it was resprayed by some drunken monkey at Maco at some point in time during it’s life. So there’s a few niggles, a couple of cosmetic issues with the car, but mechanically this car is in a *smurf* ton better shape than the now extra crispy version of Project Miata ever was. Check out the photo’s after the jump.

project_miata_2-0_A-300x201.jpg Project Miata 2.0 Has Arrived!

Finally! After 2 Months of searching we have found the PERFECT replacement for Project Miata: Extra Crispy Edition. It’s a Lipstick Red 1990 Mazda Miata, with a Hard Top, and outside of some cosmetic woes, it’s in cherry condition.




project_miata_2-0_B-300x201.jpgProject Miata 2.0: Rear 3/4 View

That antenna is going to have to go. Straight out the 80′s.







project_miata_2-0_C-300x201.jpgProject Miata 2.0 Raisin’ Da Hood

Here’s hoping we don’t find a deal killer under there.








Project Miata 2.0: Engine Bay

Project Miata 2.0′s engine bay is squeeky clean. Not bad for a car with over 213,000 miles on the clock.







project_miata_2-0_E-300x201.jpgProject Miata 2.0: Interior Shot

Project Miata 2.0′s interior is in geat shape overall. (Don’t mind the obligitory cigarette burn on the seat. They’ll be getting swapped out anyway)





So what are we planning to do with Project Miata now that we have a perfectly good car to work with? First we’re going to tear in to the rusting hulk that is the original Project Miata for any salvageable parts we can use on the new car. Then we’ll be throwing an all new fully adjustable suspension  at Project Miata, and getting the interior up to snuff because cigarette burnt seats and 20+ year old shocks just ain’t going to cut it. Go a head hit that subscribe button and follow along as we tear in to Project Miata and take this quintessential girls car and turn it in to the ultimate street rod.

Project Miata 2.0 Has Arrived!Project Miata 2.0 Rear 3/4 ShotProject Miata 2.0 Raisin' Da HoodProject Miata 2.0's Engine BayProject Miata 2.0's Interior

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