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Found a mint 98 Eldo (46,000) that I might buy. Took it for a test drive. When the AC/Heater system is off the car sounds perfect. Turn the AC/Heater fan on with the moonroof closed, you can hear a bubbling sound up in the front area of the moonroof. It sounds like liquid bubbling. Sound occurs at idel or when moving and only when fan is on. I am guessing the sound only occurs when the fan is on due to the increased pressure in the cabin? Crack the roof the bubbling sound goes away. Moonroof itself works fine. Could it be the drain holes in the moonroof ? Any other plumbing up in the roof ? Wierd

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As Adallak notes, if the noise at the moonroof goes away when a side window is opened - you have isolated the problem to one area.

I don't think a drain hole/hose would have any liquid left in it to bubble somehow.

I would suspect a "fluttering" gasket of some sort in the moonroof area.

Perhaps the gasket(s) can be observed/taped or the entire moon roof taped-off with 2" wide blue painter's tape to seal any gasket leak (and not leave any residue).

Good luck :)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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