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Can an OBD-2 scan tool be connected to a 2004 CTS? Will that work? I have one that used to work fine on my 1996 Seville although with its own on-board diagnositcs I really didn't need it. The OBD-2 scan tool works fine on my wife's 2000 Nissan Quest too. But, it doesn't seem to be able to link to my 2004 CTS. The connector fits but when I do a "LINK" it just gets stuck in a "reading" mode. Has OBD-2 become obsolete with newer cars? What should I be using?

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By the way... what I have is the Innova 3100 OBD-II Code Reader made by EQUUS Products, Inc.

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It is highly likely....your scanner needs a software update. Owners of factory and aftermarket scan tools are aware of this. The GM Tech2 had a nice $400 upgrade a couple of years ago to a 32MB card.

The toy scan tools I'm sure also need updates. $$$.

Looks like a nice tool for the money.

I think I heard GM is charging the scan tool companies $50K for the code to update their scanners.

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Oh yeah....hang on....there is a whole new protocal.....we dont even have it yet...

The new system is CAN. Controller area network.

The Tech 2 requires a Vetronix CANDI module.....$500...hmmmmmm. We dont have one yet..

There are a few aftermarket scan tools that can handle CAN. Auto X Ray is one...

As for vehicles. Saturn ION has CAN. I think the CTS may have it as well..

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Autotap released CAN capability see this email I received:

Dear Valued Customer,

We are always excited to give our customers what they want. You've been asking for CAN, and now we're delivering--CAN for Windows-based PCs, i.e. ATU. This is a Beta version and here's how it works. If you have the Version 3 AutoTap hardware, which is red with the OBDII connector attached to the converter, you can download the software. Whether you take advantage of the Beta software release now or wait for the commercial launch in November 2005, the software upgrade will yours at no charge.

In addition to supporting CAN on all Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles, the software provides an improved user interface with standard graphs and gauges, dedicated EPA emissions readiness diagnostics, and improved registration and vehicle connectivity.

Why release a Beta version you ask? We want to make sure our new release is perfect. Feedback from loyal customers is valued and will be used to continually improve the quality of AutoTap.

Download the latest AutoTap software NOW! (i.e. V2.060), visit us at http://www.autotap.com/beta_test_program.html.

If you wish to provide feedback, please visit us at http://www.autotap.com/beta_feedback.html.

Best regards,

Matt Williams

Business Development Manager

(815)433-5100 x 220

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