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When I posted a photo from photo shop if you click on the pic I have posted it takes the viewer to my photoshop album. Can someone tell me how to do this differently please. I created a new album so only the pics I am trying to show are there, for now, but that is surely not the way to do this. Thanks Mike

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What I do is I use www.photobucket.com I upload the photos there, and link them as images here. That seems to work.

With regard to your problem, am I correct in that you are trying to post a JPG file here?

If you are a supporting member you will be able to post a larger photo of 200K here, but if not, the limit is smaller. The best thing is to get a photo account like photobucket or other and link photos here, then you dont have to worry about size limits, does this help?

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When you post an image in bb code it will look like this


so if you pull something from photoshop that just has the image string, all good.

If the photoshop stuff has


tags, just remove that stuff.

So if it has


then just erase everything except the [/img] and in-between stuff. The is the coding that makes the link work.


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