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Surge Tank replacement / Coolant Flush N*

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i have read a bunch of different forums and got some really good information, and im pretty confident that i can do this my self. i have a very limited collection of tools so i have to get by with what i got.i know i need to drain the cooling system. my hands are too big to get to the bottom hose with a set of plyers to take the clamp off, would i be able to drain by removing the hose at the thermostat? also i dont get paid till saturday so i wont have the money for the dex cool till then. would it hurt anything if i ran water untill the weekend and then do a reflush and replace with dex-cool 50/50? should i just wait till the weekend to do it all? i drive about 80 miles a day and the surge tank has a crack which has expanded and now blows steam when hot. i would really appreciate the advice.

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Replace the tank immediately, don't use straight water, it boils at a lower temperature and use the cooling supplement. I would not drive a car that does not hold pressure in the cooling system in the summer it will boil. It must hold pressure and be at least 50% coolant to water concentration

I would remove the hose at the lowest point to get all of the coolant out of both the radiator and the engine

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I have 96 DeVille and if you remove the air cleaner upper housing and filter pull the lower housing straight up and towards the fender it snaps up and comes right out. You can then reach the hose clamp with a footlong screwdriver. Should be able to get on hose and turn it back and forth, it may loosen. If not, you gotta get something between the radiator and hose like a steel rod bent L-shaped and play with it that way or something similar. Just go easy.

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