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Help New 89 Coupe Deville owner-can't relock power trunk!

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I am a new 89 Coupe Deville owner who needs immediate help! My trunk light came on after a fast stop. I opened the trunk (engine running) with my key. (the trunk WAS closed,by the way). When I tried to close the trunk slowly, it wil not close and lock! What can I do? It is gonna rain and is night-do I have to take to mechanic? Please help!

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If you search for pull down or pulldown there is a lot of info available. Sometimes I also just go to google for searches and put in for this example site:caddyinfo.ipbhost.com trunk pull down without the quotes.

Here is a good discussion:

I fixed my trunk pull down the other day on my 96 deville. I had checked voltage from top switch 12 volts and ground seemed ok.

I went to bottom motor. Unbolted it, bolts go into plastic case. I unscrewed motor cover, and found motor somewhat frozen.

Pulled it out , lubricated . Pulled armature out and lubricated with grease at bottom of steel case.

Re-insatalled armature and ,had to take care putting brushes back in .

You need to push them in ,and hold with your finger and use a small screwdriver. Do this very easy.

Put back together, but did not seem to work. so I found a little screw on the same assembly holding switch case on .

And I removed and cleaned switch connections, lots of bluish gunk on them and I sprayed connections and inside of box with wd40.

Reassembled, and that did it. When you toggle the little lever on the top of trunk lid biggrin.gif ,

it should activate the motor on the lower catch. Works great.


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