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LOST MY KEYS! What Can I Do??


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If the dealer can determine the configuration of the key and the value of the integrated resistor you are lucky. Otherwise they probably will replace the ignition lock and give you a matched key set.

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there is no chip in my 97concours key

(thank god) yours should be same. a locksmith should be able to make u a key.

if u call the original dealer they should have a key code and the can make u a key

ebay is not too bad on ordering a new remote and u should be able to program it from the posts on this site good luck

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o o :blink: my big mistake there is a chip in my key dumb da dumb dumb

if u cant get the codes from dealer there is about 15 codes if u measure the risitance off the switch they should be able to cross ref to the right key blank

keys usually cost about 25 again i apologiZe for my previous misleading post u should still call the dealer for the cut code

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