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Ok heres the short I lost the ignition key to my "98" Eldorado Biarritz... i was going to have a new key made but my ignition was going out any way it would leave me stranded at time and sometimes not even start plus i was getting an OBDII code service engine light... it wasnt the starter or any engine componets sometimes the key just wouldnt do any thing wouldnt even turn the car on no lights radio nothing.

so after i lost the key i decided to put in a whole new steering column with the key include easier then pulling out the lock cylinder only eight bolts and none of those small tricky parts that break... un fortunately the column that came from a Deville its slightly different there's some stability sensor or funky brake line on the Eldo that attaches to the column its not on the Deville one i can live without it for now so i connected everything walla it worked lights doors windows radio the car came alive but she still wont start security MSG so my question is what can i do from this point...

I tried getting the BCM from the Deville so it would match the pass key but it doesnt quite fit darn close though the plug is slightly diffrent... if that even where the pass key operates from im not sure it seems diffrent years have them in diffrent spots i hate to have to pull out the dash looking for the TDM i think on the 98 its integrated with the BCM/PCM well if i got the wrong box of circuits there could still be hope..

next i was hoping i could sync the key some how or reprogram the car..

this lock cylinder allready seems to work better then the other at first but after awhile it stopped turning the car on i boosted the battery then it worked again then stopped...

so im thinking it might be the passkey system and not the lock cylinder

my security light was never on before though just engine light and the only code i was getting was for the ignition switch failure... so i think its the cylinder because the care even if it didnt start the dash and radio should come on if it was something under the hood..

i was thinking of putting the new lock cylynder into the old coloumn if i can get it syncd.

honestly i wouldnt be doing this if i hadnt lost the keys but getting stranded all the time was getting tiring.. soit was inevitable

if any one has any i ideas please let me know thanks

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