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As a Cadillac owner, we want you to be connected to the assistance you need—when you need it—right at your fingertips.

Introducing myCadillac.

Now you can access select services remotely, like Roadside Assistance, Parking Reminder, Schedule Service, Locate a Dealer and more. And when you download OnStar MyLink, (available for 2010 DTS, Escalade, Escalade ESV and Escalade EXT and all 2011 models excluding STS) you can receive updates on key vehicle operating systems instantly so you always know the operating condition of your Cadillac.


My pocket phone is not an iphone or android, and my Cadillac is a 2008 of cse; can someone have a look at this and let us know how it works? (available for 2010 DTS, Escalade, Escalade ESV and Escalade EXT and all 2011 models excluding STS)


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Caddy sent me the invitation to sign up for this too, so I checked it out today as you requested. At this point they have the site very screwed up. One link does take you to the Apple Itunes store, where everything apple is available, including music etc. So finding the right App would seem to be difficult to me. The Android link (which I would need) does not work at all. I might search the androind market from my phone, so I'll let you know on that. I'm certainly not about to download the I Tunes app to my PC.

None of the site links or any of the pages tell you how much it will cost for this service, and I'm pretty certain it won't be free. I'd say at minimum you'd need to have an active OnStar account.

OK, Android market had the free app. Comments from others are: "can't use on my 2006 sts", "2010 cts V not supported, I guess I didn't spend enough on my car...",and "come on, just tell us how to use the VIN validation..".

So my opinion is this...forget it.

Now I'll bet the "MyCadillac Showroom" app works perfectly though!

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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