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National Corvette Homecoming

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The greatest thing for us caddy guys was the Plant Managers Award. Its was given to Gizmo (Marvin) the owner of an 06 xlr-v with a highly modified engine, wheels, laptop integrated into his car, a computer gaming joy stick shifter that operates his audio system etc... Black/black added 09 fender chrome.

We (the xlr owners) were taken to the plant that is shutdown for updating. We only got to go into the plant tour room, but that was interesting. David Chrisley took us on two drives including the plant and museum for pics. He hasn't and doesn't own a caddy but really went out of his way to show us a good time. If you think of the nicest drive you have ever seen on tv, that would be what we (30 xlr's) did for 45 minutes. AWESOME then stopped at Barren River State Park for buffet and back again on a beautiful spirited drive. We then went on a drive with all the vettes, about 300-400 cars, with all crossings blocked by police. We were led by the BG police vette.

th_IMG_20110715_112657.jpg th_IMG_20110716_101559.jpg

The event had Will Cooksey retired plant manager and a guy named Jim that worked there talk about the making of the xlr. Then Jim went out into the lot to help people with their cars! It was 100 degree outside and he just wanted to help people. I followed him around trying to see and learn anything possible. Found out that any dealer that wanted to sell an xlr had to send a tech to the plant for xlr training and that cost em $3000.

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