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here is some info. hope it helps.

Pop off trim peice behind inside door handle(toward th front, is held on with velcro) remove the now visible screw

with the door unlocked pull the square clip off the lock lever and remove the lever.

Go around door and remove the 3-4 phillips screws surrounding the panel.

check to be sure you are not missing any screws.

Gently but firmly pull the bottom of the door panel away from the door to disengage the clips. (be careful the doorpanel will break easily if not careful)

once the doorpanel is loose from the door, you will have to pull up on the door panel to disengage the 2 clips behind the handle area. Once the panel is remov be sure to check that the electrical plug is fully disengaged.

Now if you are looking toget access to the regulator inside the door,

once you remove the door panel you will see this black panel that covers most of the door.

There are several white clips that hold the trim in place. To release the clips you just pop the center inward slightly and it will disengage. Be sure to remove all of them.

next remove the 2 torx screws on the rectangular clips toward the rear of the door(those are th clips that hold the door panel behind the handle)

Unplug the necesary plugs and remove the panel.

Someone please let me know if I am forgetting anything. It is late and I dont have one here right now to confirm lol


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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