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Mystery sound in Northstar engine

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I recently (five weeks ago) had a GM Certified mechanic do a reseal (top and bottom) job on my 2001 Deville. No leaks and seems to be working fine. However, a week or so ago, my wife asked, "what is that noise" and described that she was hearing a pump or fan noise somewhere in the engine area at the driver side. I have to admit that my hearing isn't all that good for high frequencies and all I can hear is something that sounds like the sound in a person's house when the water is on. I turned the AC off and she still hears it. She mentions that when I rev the engine up (whether in motion or parked) she can hear the sound increase in intensity. I have checked the codes and nothing comes up. I also checked the intake boot to the engine from the air filter and nothing. So far I have narrowed it down to an engine sound but am stymied as to what it could be. The only thing I can think is that it may be a water pump. Do these make a sound prior to failing? Maybe a bearing? I did have a new water pump installed about ten or fifteen thousand miles ago as well as the intake boot into the intake manifold (not sure what this is called but it is beyond the one attached to the air filter).

I know this isn't much to go on so your opinions would be helpful. I hate to take the car back to the mechanic since it is nearly a thirty mile drive (one way) based on "a sound my wife hears". Could be a male thing too and hate to drive the car since all I hear is "you mean you can't hear that?".

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Water pump or tensioner bearing is the only thing on the drivers side that would increase with RPM.

I hate to take the car back to the mechanic since it is nearly a thirty mile drive (one way) based on "a sound my wife hears".
Have her take it back.
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