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Bose radio exchange.


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Hi, My 93 Eldorado with the Bose Gold does not sound so nice and clear as I want so I will exchange it for a new JVC or something similar with CD and 4x50Watts.

Of some reason the Bose sound is just too much on the base side especially the rear loudspeakers and as I live in Sweden with a European model I dare not try to repair it (if there is anything wrong with it or if Bose is just like that, I have had the car for two years). Maybe this unclear and bad reception is just what to expect from an eleven years old radio. Anyhow as the original Gold Bose is 2 DIN size I hope there are radio plates to find for mounting a 1 DIN Radio into the 93 Eldo.

My idea is to put 5 inch + tweeters in the front doors - the tweeters on the rear view mirror's inside on the doors and also a good quality 9x6 inchers in the rear.

-Then I know there is a lot of work to take care of all the wires with power etc for the Bose speakers and then some new extra wires for the new radio:

Power from the rear fuses + antenna cable and new speaker wires for the front and rear. - Does all this sound like a good idea despite what the experts say about Bose? - probably the Bose was very good from the beginning but 11 years has aged the speakers etc etc. /Jan L.

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