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A hum...not a Hummer


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In my '97 STS, I am getting an intermittent hum for the passenger side of the interior.

It sounds like a kazoo or tissue paper on a comb or a squeaky door opening. I first thought it was an overdriven speaker in the door, but that's not it. It only happens with the AC turned on or if the set temp is lower than the outside temp. When the auto unit is on and the temp outside is colder than inside....no noise. It seems that it only happens when the upper vents are in use alone.

It occurs when I first start the car on warm days and the hum will occur every 5 minutes or so. So far my dealer cannot solve this problem. Is there a valve or duct opener on the passenger side that could be making this noise? It seems like it is coming from under the glove box.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Under the glove box is where the programmer, vacuum manifold and actuators are. Pull the glove box and have a look around while it is making this noise. Chances are it will make itself evident.

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the programmer makes kind of ratcheting noise while it adjusts the position of the airmix door. perhaps you need to lube some moving parts. just like ranger advised take off the glove box and you probably wil see the source of the noise.

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