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1995 Deville Speed sensing suspension


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I have a '95 Deville with the speed sensing suspension and the infamous 'Service Ride Control' message started flashing a few months ago. Does anyone know of a way to disable the message with regard to the struts?

I tried the fix of wiring a relay into the system according to a TSB, but I don't like it because it also disabled my speed sensing power steering function and it's kind of hard to steer the car at slower speeds now.

I know this is a big issue with these cars and I have seen lots of recommendations to buy replacement strut kits from different vendors as a soluton. That's not what I'm looking for. There has to be a way to isolate the strut malfunction code signals without scrapping the whole darn setup and some of you knowledgable owners and experts must have the answer at your disposal.

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I have the FSM and have used it/them often. I just thought if someone had already solved the problem it would save me the time of trying to determine what signal the module needs to receive from the struts for it to be fooled into believing the struts are ok. My guess is that a particular resistance range must be sensed or the module sends a fault signal to the computer/display on the dash. The question is, what should the resistance be? If I knew that I could get a resistor at Radio shack and stick it in both struts for a few dollars and I wouldn't be bugged by that aggitating service suspension message.

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