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97 Seville roof console

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I have been thinking that ever since this thread started... but I hate to correct someone else's spelling...

Lord knows I make enough of them myself... :) :)

Yeah . . . I'm no fan of the spelling/grammar nazis either. Just the same, I edited the 'WYF" in my original post. :D :D :D

Yeah... for a couple of days... I had to keep slapping my hands away from the keyboard .... they were wanting to say.... "HEY ... it HOMELINK... not HOMELITE.... :D :D :D

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If the Homelite isn't blocking screws, just leave it alone. Without it, you will need the cover that comes with roof consoles that don't have the Homelite, and even if you have one, the Homelite looks better.

My garage door openers have later RF frequencies and waveforms than are supported by the Homelite. The Homelite can't step in for either of them because my garage door openers aren't supported by the Homelite. I left it alone because I didn't want to have that cover, even if I could find one, and the Homelite looks fine.


The Homelink transmitter with the yellow LED will work with the rolling code door openers. There are a few door openers that won't even work with the "Yellow LED" Homelink transmitter - yours must be one of those?

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Mine has the red LED. It works with rolling codes, too. However there are always new waveforms out there, and mine is very old.

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they changed in 1997. My 96 Deville has the yellow light, and my 97 sevlle has the red light


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