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Look into EBAY. Search "Cadillac blower" and you'll find a couple of sellers.

I've bought mine from "factoryautoparts" for $197, free shipping. They are a GM dealer. It was delivered within 3 days. Brand new with full GM warranty.

Did one of your spark plug wires touch the blower housing and short the motor out? The wires need to be at least 1 inch away (very important). After replacing my blower motor, I used plastic cable ties to secure the spark plug wires away from the housing.

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The new design blower motor from GM includes a fiberglass & foil heat shield as well.

'94-'97 should be the same blower. I don't know about '98+

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
'05 Deville
'04 Deville
2013 Silverado Z71

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