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So I get my paper and schedule my 97 eldorado for a new fuel rail they took me in 6 days. I drop it off and round lunch I get a call you need a fuel regulator it leaks it will be 100 and some bucks it is not covered under the recall. "Oh", I say "How much is the part? $60 some says my service rep. Can I come over and take a look see? sure she said and off I went. I took a look and the regulator I met my mechanic he proptly dumps out out some fuel from the tiny saucer shaped thing and tells me how fuel will leak into the manifold so and so forth, I tell him I have a 441 code could that be the culpurt? He said no, I said replace it. So what symptoms would this cause I've been getting good gas milage and outside of this purge valve problem my baby's been treating me good. This lead to a dead end.

The just of it was on a recall part of the work required is to relocate your pressure regulator from your old fuel rail to the new. When I went to pick up the car the bill was for 100 some bucks 40 some for labor. I asked what is the labor for? Of course you're not charging me for the man to walk to the counter and take the new regulator out of the box? So the $40 buck were promptly removed from the bill and off I went.

The moral of this story is if you let them take you they will. A recall has a certain repetible process. This install of the regulator is paid for, it has to be done. Good or bad regulator it has to be done. If you mess one up taking it out how do you cover that? You call the customer and tell him its bad. I can't prove the regulator was bad when I took it in there, they won't say they broke it taking it out. Both are possibilities. I know I had no codes in the car that would result in this failure so ....

I interested in your comments. Hope you enjoied the non fiction.


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