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AS you may know, my car is sitting at a garage, and my mechanic still hasn't gotten to it yet. [He will within the hour] I was just wondering how you know if you need to replace the water mump or not. I've been reading the archives and am under the impression that this is my problem, or possible a weak/rusted belt. Thanks for any help!

heres the drama coolant loss - overheat



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you found the source of leak and overheating - the diconnected upper radiator hose which might result in SIGNIFICANT coolant loss and overheating. Your system is perhaps nearly empty. Why are you concerned with pump, stat etc. and not put some coolant in the saystem, tighten the hose and drive?

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The water pump is a simple paddle wheel type device that has a pully on one end and mounts in a housing. The only things to really go bad on it is either the seals or the bearing. If the seal is gone, water will be pouring out of the water pump housing. If the bearing is bad, you will hear a loud squeal from the pump when the engine is running.

When you put the upper hose back on was there a clamp to hold it on? Your description made it sound like you just slid the hose back on and did not tighten any clamp. If the hose fell off (how?) the hose clamp has slid down the hose or is lost.

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Don't tell anyone, but I do a lot of

automotive work in the parking lot of

my apartment (including a water pump

replacement). The trick is to do it in a

discrete spot, fix it fast, and clean up

real good. There's nothin worse than

having someone else work on your car.

9 x out of 10 they'll leave clamps loose,

use the cheapest replacement parts, use

tap water rather than distilled etc...

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