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IR1740 the one I am trying to overcome, usually with dreaded P0717 is :

Torque Converter Clutch inductive signature malfunction/ Torque reduction signal circuit

Hey thanks for info on the Tc0073 I had put the rear AC on Medium and it went away, just didn't know what I had done.....But knew the blower in dash makes very loud noise when rear is on low or high so I had set it on med.....and code disappeared...have been battlling codes for a month now....down to two...one listed above...have replaced sensor on transaxle part number Wells SU1070... made code P0716 go away....and made the p0717 intermittent...no more harsh shifts....only sets code sometimes when slowing down in first....thinking it is dirty wire...or kink etc.....just replaced 4 or 5 motor mounts...so will be looking for stretched wires ect....and then onto vaccum leaks....don't really think it is sensor inside of transmission....

Any input is Wanted, on this code.....anyone know which pins on the ALDL etc to check to see if voltage is 12 volt going to transmission ? this is intermintant error...driving me mad....hate a service engine light.

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