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Opinions for tuner tech I contacted for fuel cut off 01 deville

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I've asked for members feedback previously. Concerning removing / recalibrate fuel cut off. Which I mentioned becomes activated racing against friends@ track on Sundays. You know the cliche living life to it's fullest. Within each and everyones own reasonable achieved possibilities@ whatever. Now, a turner responded that technically speaking it can be done. A members suggestion i've read before about reprogramming the ECM / PCM, and use of a TECH II scanner. Local tuner mentioned would also void the vin # use preventing future emissions testing passing success. By using a ECM from a DTS model or STS model disabling the fuel cut off. Isnt it just the software being separate from the vin # in order to remove cut off ? Another tuner said he contacted a chip manufacture and they said their wasnt software to reprogram ECM. In other words is the above suggestion given before. The best solution to solve the built in computer police officer. Is their anyone else or others here@ forum who have done/tried this themselves ? Maybe a known acquaintance has accomplised with theirs or other performace goodies for northstar being similar to my minor headache. I'm attempting to make my base deville a sleeper on the prowl. Especially@ the track my friends underestimate its potential brought to life !

Thanks anyone,


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