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exhaust smell


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Im not to bright at fixing a Lack so please pardon my questions.

Im driving a 1991 Sedan DeVille 4.9L and I smell the exhaust when I take off from a light. I use to think it was the car in front of me. But I dont see the car in front of me anymore. I dont see any smoke under the hood or coming from the tail pipes. my air filter is clean and I keep fresh a oil change as well as a PCV valve.

Not saying thats all i need to keep a good engine. I know theres tons of other stuff. Thats why Im coming to the pros. is there anything yall can help me with to solve this exhaust smell thats getting in the car. I have kids and I dont wanna get them sick.

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Agent Smith.....er Mr. Smith :D ,

Since the mornings are getting cooler this time of year it's much easier to see where the exhaust leak(s) are. Try starting the car early in the morning (not so early that you can't see) and poke your head under the car. Look at the exhaust system from the manifold all the way to the muffler(s). If you see puffs of "smoke" then you have located the leak.

Or you could take it to a muffler shop and have them take a look. Most places will look at it free of charge.

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